Typical Project Example
IndustryTelco Supplier
LocationBerlin, Germany (NSN = Nokia Siemens Network)
Project Strategic project to start long-term cooperation
RoleManagement consultant

This several-month project was one which was very challenging, as there were a lot of disputes within the project team.

The aim was to start a long term relation to underlay the customers leading Prepaid application (Mobile Charging & Billing Solution) with a new Linux based O/S and consequentely using HP's server hardware and the related maintanance infrastructure.

Key charackteristics of this project:

  • Demanding customer
  • Very difficult staffing process (within worldwide HP's workforce)
  • Scattered project team (Finland, France, US, Germany, Italy, India)
  • Internal differences how to proceed, even fighting against high level management
  • Resistance among customer's staff as they feared to become redundant and maybe be layed off
  • Different meetings with high-level management of the customer in Munich to solve customers internal issues
  • Very good relation to local Key Account Manager (in many ways on the same page)
  • Technical challenges requiring world top skill expertise