Letter of Reference
FromZF Friedrichshafen, Germany
PublicYES, at LinkedIn.com
ProjectMergers & Acquisitions
RoleCrisis Manager, IT M&A project leader

Jens supported us on our strategic roadmap in different extensive, cross-border M&A deals. He added valuable knowledge in all three areas: strategy, law and IT. He is diligent and shows utmost care in dealing with people under pressure in difficult times. His future-oriented flexibility, straight-forward thinking and agile leadership style is remarkable. I very much appreciated his profound and inspiring experience - be it e.g., by preparing TOM scenarios, guiding unsure business on multi-dimensional M&A strategies, carry out DD interviews, negotiating M&A contracts & TSA’s or running a complex signing2closing phase… He supported us a lot, I strongly recommend him as an excellent IT M&A leader.