Letter of Reference
FromSSI Schäfer / Austria - Graz
PublicYES, at LinkedIn.com
ProjectTurnaround Management as Board Member
RoleCrisis-Manager, Board-Member

The first time I met Jens, he was already active as Crisis Manager in the organization I had to lead. He was very helpful to me to be able to start efficiently as new CEO.

Without doubts, Jens is an expert in his field.

During a difficult time of change, he was commissioned by the former CEO to support the board (as a temporary board member) on stabilizing the organization and processes.

After a short evaluation period, he already started with short-term measures to improve the project business as this showed to be the "hottest" topic. Next to that, he pursued cross-department initiatives on EVP and VP levels across organizational units to overcome silo thinking. Exemplary, he was involved in the product department to improve the revenue situation, was part of major escalation management, or strengthened quality and process compliance.

His open-minded leadership, combined with effective but intermediary communication was key to his success. When Jens left, these key programs were mature enough to be handed over to "regular" business.

Personally, I very much appreciated his eagerness to contribute and step in where his skills were needed, even in short term changes of priorities driven by new management.