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      *) We do not act as lawyers or tax advisors, but colaborate with them.

Turnaround Services

Each situation is individual, so are the ways to support you in your situation.
Please let's discuss what is the best way for you.

CRO and Turnarounds

Depending on situation, we act as Chief Restrucuring Officer on board level or support you as Head of Department in company-wide turnarounds and/or reorganizations. If requested we can act as CEO too.

Crisis Management

Often requested in strategic programs, we act as crisis manager to avoid the mission to fail. We can act as assigned manager or as external coach to guide your staff.

Insolvency Health Check

If you are unsure wether or not you are already obligated to file for insovency or you want an expert opinion about your situation, we are here to support immediately.

Interim Management

In critical situations it's imperative to bring in new ideas and organizational change. As senior manager we are leading such transformations within your organization.
Success Story
  • Before

    Intralogistic Holding in Austria

    Assignment: CRO | Board Member
    Historically grown "prefe­ren­tial rights" of board members (leading to non fitting company in company structures)
    Blocking and con­tra­dic­tory lea­der­ship styles of SVP's/Top-­Mana­ge­ment resul­ting in power va­cu­um
    Highly disturbed com­muni­cat­ion with the hol­ding com­pany, mu­tual accu­sations
    Leadership quali­ties, lea­der­ship weak­ness on dif­ferent lev­el resulting in unclear responsibilities
    Product Develop­ment with­out bud­get (sus­taina­bili­ty at risk / loo­sing core USP)

    Intralogistic Holding in Austria

    Assignment: CRO | Board Member
    Organizational re­struc­tu­ring and eli­mi­nat­ion of gi­ven spec­ial rights
    Task force on pro­ject lev­el, coa­ching on top lev­el, change mana­ge­ment
    Partially exchange of top mana­ge­ment, im­ple­men­tat­ion of clear com­muni­cat­ion rules
    Reintegration into the hol­ding com­pa­ny in­clu­ding buil­ding up a fit­ting ma­trix or­gani­zat­ion
    In-depth dis­cus­sion with hol­ding com­pany / su­per­vi­sory board about sus­taina­bilit­y, budget allocation
5|by5 Phase


This first phase in our [5|by5 Turnaround] starts with an initial modular health-check to prepare a controversial workshop where "believe" will be challenged with "reality" to wake up management and/or (project-) organization. Transparency and acceptance are key goals.


The core of this phase is a [5|D Audit] where a deep-diving analysis of potentials in 5 dimensions will be prepared, on all company levels discussed and this continuation prognosis used for a final management decisions (Go-On decision).


Now follows an important time as [5|S Emergency Kits] will be used to assure liquidity, negotiations with debtors or sponsors start. Short-term measures will be implemented and organization and processes streamlined.


The Turnaround Team will create a sustaining [5|F Strategy], accompanied with business case, governance and reporting structure which fulfill the requirements of sponsors. If needed, legal requirements needs to be fulfilled.


This phase has two parts, the Kickoff and operationalization of the new direction but also embedding sustainable processes with clear KPI's and risk management. A phase-out of the Turnaround Team will close a successfull assignment.
5by5 turnaround

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Our core mission is to help struggling companies or defaulting projects to shift from "red" to "green". Please ask for more detailed testimonials.
…"A focused, strategic forward-thinking advisor! So I learned [name] (in his assignment as crisis manager) in my role as EVP of SSI IT-Solutions to know. He –very fast– identified the core issues in our organization, made the board and middle management aware, defined cross-company initiatives, initiated organizational restructuring… or defined a short-term strategy. …If needed, he defended his position, precise illustrating the root cause and chained effects to the organization."
Dieter Zeiml

Dieter Zeiml - EVP

…"Without doubts, [name] is an expert in his field. During a difficult time of change, he was commissioned by the former CEO to support the board (as temporary board member) to stabilize the organization and processes. After a short evaluation period, he already started with short-term measures... Next to that he pursued cross-department initiatives on EVP and VP level across organizational units to overcome silo thinking. .... His open-minded leadership, combined with effective but intermediary communication was key to his success."
Udo Kerwath

Udo Kerwath - CEO

Some tips to fight the crisis.

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